Wildfire Pumping Systems

Wildfire Pumping Systems

Wildfire Pumping Systems provides consulting and design for wildfire sprinklers. From professionally engineered design services through to pump and hose procurement, construction, commissioning, and support, we do it all. No matter where you are located, we can help you protect your property from wildfire risk. Our goal is to provide a public service, and not to be a for-profit business.

Whether you are looking for wildfire pumps, parts of a system, or building a whole system, our practical experience with water pumping and wildfire sprinkler applications means that we can provide quality components and important design features at competitive prices. Our years of hands-on experience with the design and operation of water handling systems allows us to design and construct wildfire sprinkler systems that are cost-effective, work well, look good, and are easy to maintain. We want to help you move water and get it to where it can offer you some peace of mind in a wildfire situation.

Whether you are looking at wildfire sprinklers for a cabin, outfitter camp, or a community, our engineering and operating experience allows us to design systems to any required size while maintaining performance and ease of operation.

"Do it right…do it once."

Many important features of wildfire sprinkler systems can be customized to fit your lay of the land and other important requirements. This helps ensure that the sprinkler system will be easy to operate, and will operate as expected when you need it, from the wildfire pump to the wildfire sprinklers. Contact us at any time for consultation on your wildfire suppression and wildfire sprinkler system needs. Our contact information can be found in the Contact Us section below.


Some of our preferred fire pump and sprinkler system suppliers are listed below. These suppliers offer excellent products for most situations. Combinations and variations of these products can be put together for easy usage in most geographical settings. Competitive pricing is available! Contact us for details.

CET Fire Pumps Manufacturing


Green Line Hose and Fittings

New Line Hose and Fittings

Industrial Hose And Fittings

Specification and supply of hose, sprinklers, and fittings is an important part of a wildfire pumping system. Our design and operating experience in industrial and mining applications has allowed us to learn what types of products work best in different applications. Contact us for manifold and sprinkler mount construction, at reasonable prices.

Wildfire Networking

We’d always like to hear from new colleagues interested in wildfire protection and suppression technologies. Feel free to drop us a line and join our community of practice.

The Homework Side Of Things

For reference material, the Wildfire Water Pumping and Sprinkler System Handbook linked below provides a good overview for most needs.

Wildfire Water Pumping and Sprinkler System Handbook

The author of this publication, Jason Gogal, is a registered professional engineer with over 15 years of experience in all aspects of water handling systems, as well as almost 10 years of experience and training in emergency response. Jason is also certified as a FireSmart Canada Local FireSmart Representative (LFR).

Sprinklers In Action

Here is a short video showing some quality gear in action. The 3/16” nozzles in this setup are being fed at 80 psi via a quiet, efficient 4-stroke motor pump.

Contact Us

Contact us at any time for any questions on wildfire pumps and sprinkler systems. We would be happy to answer your questions and consult with you on your requirements.

Email: wildfirepumping@gmail.com

Email: jason.gogal@gmail.com

Telephone: 1-306-715-7862